Legacy Ranch Belties Registered Belted Galloway Cattle
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Available Belties

             We have numerous bull calves age 6 months and up.                       Please inquire for any info on these.

Joe Montana is sired by Hide-A-Way Hill Red Trubador, an influential sire in the breed.  Joe is magnificent and correct in every way, and he reproduces himself in his calves.  They all look like they were rubber stamped!  We have some outstanding young bull prospects sired by Joe, and by Driftwood's Prime Time as well as a line bred Green Arpents bull.  Joe Montana is available to the right farm.  Please call for more information on any of these outstanding prospects who will bring quality Beltie genetics to your farm.
We have a few steers almost ready for butchering as well as several outstanding young bulls who look to be promising herd sires.  Call for videos and photos.
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