Legacy Ranch Belties Registered Belted Galloway Cattle
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Our Story
The is Hideaway Hills Joe Montana.  He is a very correct and well built bull and a wonderful herd sire.  We have two crops from Joe and will be offering him for sale to the right home.  Contact us for more information.
We have been involved in animal husbandry our entire lives.  After fighting years of chronic health issues and years of researching how to live a healthier lifestyle we discovered the benefits of grass-fed beef and made a commitment to never eat a grain fed animal again.  Contained on our website you will find information on this research as well as links which take you directly to several sites on topic.  A few years ago we purchased our first "grass fed beef".  We contacted local farmers insistent that "Angus" was the best.  We finally located a grower of grass fed Angus and purchased a steer cut & wrapped.  When the meat was delivered, the rancher's wife brought us a cookbook and explained that grass fed meat was tougher and needed to be cooked low & slow, suggesting we try some of the recipes.  We experimented with this beef and it was all pretty much inedible.  We were not pleased at all with the taste or texture.  Even the best cuts did not taste good.  It was all very unpalatable and low and slow did not make it good eating. 

We then began researching more about grass fed and discovered there was a way to eat healthy and have it taste good at the same time.  Thus, our herd of Belted Galloway was born.  YOu do not need a special cookbook for our beef to taste good!  We learned that it is impossible to finish (feed the cow to where it is ready to butcher) most breeds on grass alone.  Farmers today are scrambling to figure out how to produce good tasting well marbled meat on less grain because prices have become so prohibitive.  Belted Galloways are unique and have the 2nd least amount of back fat in the species.   They finish well and all cuts are top choice or prime on grass alone but it is a time consuming process.  It takes much longer to produce good tasting beef on grass, which is also so much healthier than any other beef, but is not practical for the commercial industry to do so.  Thus as it is with most of the commercial food industry, profit and greed drives it, not what is best for our health!  Our beef is healthier than salmon containing more Omega fatty acids as well as CLA and the risk of mercury toxicity is eliminated.
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